Who we are

The ACFFA is an industry funded association providing advocacy and resource support services for the salmon aquaculture industry operating in Atlantic Canada. Our strong regional voice on behalf of the sector is recognized at all levels of government and in community engagement.

We advocate strongly for a responsible, effective regulatory framework that recognizes salmon aquaculture as fish farmers. We are proud of, and actively sponsor, the industry’s corporate social responsibility that can be witnessed in programs that address everything from wild salmon conservation and coastal cleanups to local humanity and youth activities.  

Every year, ACFFA organizes Atlantic Canada's premier aquaculture research conference that brings together industry professionals to learn about the latest trends, opportunities, innovations and research in our sector. Our fall forum is a vital tool that helps ensure our industry continues to evolve and grow.

The associations’ 80 members include farmers, feed producers, and an extensive list of companies, organizations providing support services, and agencies regulating the industry, as well as other marine users. 

Operating a private marine tidal wharf facility to service our members, the ACFFA Limekiln Wharf Service Centre provides year-round priority admission to salmon farmers who pay for access through annual fees determined on a case by case basis. 

The ACFFA, formerly known as the New Brunswick Salmon Growers’ Association (NBSGA), has represented salmon farmers since 1987.

Our vision

Atlantic Canada’s finfish aquaculture industry will continue to be an innovative, competitive economic sector that is globally recognized for sustainable finfish production.

Our mission

To provide value to our members by continuing to be a strong, regional voice on behalf of the industry and by taking a leadership role in the development and implementation of strategies that maximize growth potential, advance fish health and welfare, encourage innovation, research and environmental stewardship while increasing socio-economic benefits within our communities.


Association goals

  • Build effective structures and relationships that support the sustainable growth of the Atlantic Canadian finfish aquaculture industry

  • Maintain our position as a world leader in fish health initiatives that support the production of safe, high-quality farmed finfish

  • Support scientific research and technological development that is industry-driven and ensures the ongoing sustainability of an innovative Atlantic Canadian finfish aquaculture industry

  • Increase the positive awareness of Atlantic Canada’s finfish farming industry

  • Provide value to our members as a strong representative organization managed effectively and efficiently

2018/2019 ACFFA Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is elected from the membership:


A dedicated team of full-time, part-time and contract individuals staff the ACFFA:

Susan Farquharson
Executive Director

Tobi Taylor
Operations Manager

Betty House
Science and Technology Coordinator

Kathy Kaufield
Communications Director

Jim Hanley


ACFFA Members

Salmon Producer Members

Northern Harvest Sea Farms (Marine Harvest)
Contact: Jamie Gaskill
204 Limekiln Road
Letang, NB E5C 2AB
Tel: (506) 755-6192
Web: www.northernharvestseafarm.com


Benson Aquaculture
Contact: Morton Benson
6 Old Factory Round Turn
Grand Manan, NB
E5G 2J4
Tel: 506-662-3502    

Cooke Aquaculture Inc.
Contact: Tom Taylor
874 Main Street
Blacks Harbour, NB E5H 1E6
Tel: (506) 456-6600
Web: www.cookeaqua.com
Web: www.truenorthsalmon.com
Web: www.aquaculturegrowsns.com
Web: www.heritagesalmon.com


Feed Company Members

Contact: David Seeley
PO Box 3940
St. Andrews, NB E5B 3S7
Tel: (506) 529-5405
Web: www.skretting.ca

Northeast Nutrition
Contact: Matt Miller
494 Willow Street
Truro, NS
B2N 6X8
Tel: (506) 755-1426    


Associate Members

Contact:  Brad Rodgers
20 Angus Morton Dr.
Bedford, NS  B4B 0L9
Email: brad.rodgers@amirix.com
Website: www.vemco.com
Ph:  1.902.450.1700
Fx. 1-902-450-1704

Aqua Pharma Inc.
Contact: Amund Litlabo
22 King Street
Saint John, NB E2L 1G3
Email: armund@aqua-pharma.no
Web: www.aquatic.as

Atlantic Veterinary College
Contact: Larry Hammell- Fish Health Coordinator
550 University Avenue
Charlottetown, PEI C1A 4P3
Tel: 902-566-0609
Web: www.upei.ca/avc    

Big Falls Fish Growers Ltd.
Contact:  Roger Hammond
1165 Black River Rd., RR #1
Wolfville, NS  B4P 2R1
Web:  www.bigfallsfish.com

Contact:  Doug MacEachern
RR #1, 620 Arbuckle Rd.
Merigomish, NS  B0K 1G0
Tel:  (902) 926-2631

Dover Fish Hatchery
Contact:  Mike Murray
RR #3, 5328 48 Rd.
Cardigan, PE  C0A 1G0
Tel:  (902) 583-2952

Contact: Allison MacKinnon
37 McCarville Street
Charlottetown, PE C1E 2A7
Tel: 902-569-1495 Fax: 902-569-1495
Web: www.novartis.com

Enterprise Shippagan & International Seafood and Bait
262 Boul. J.D. Gathier
Shippagan, NB  E8S 1R1
Contact:  Jonathan Gagne
(506) 336-2213

EWOS Canada Ltd.
Braden Hatt – Hatchery & Sales Specialist
7721-132nd Street
Surrey, BC  V3W 4M8
 Tel: 604-209-7470
Email:  Braden.Hatt@ewos.com

Future Nets & Supplies
Contact: Clarence Blanchard- President
48 Armstrong Loop Road
Pennfield, NB E5H 1W7
Tel: 506-755-6728
Web: www.futurenets.net

GIS Gas Infusion Systems Inc.
Contact: Dr. Mike Beattie
40 Dante Road
St. Andrews, NB E5B 3V9

Global KnoVac Inc.
Contact:  Ken Hight
40 Dante Road
St. Andrews, NB
E5B 3V9

Huntsman Marine Science Center
Contact: Dr. James A. Smith
1 Lower Campus Road
St. Andrews, NB, Canada  E5B 2L7
Tel:  (506) 529-1200
Fax: (506) 529-1212
Email:  huntsman@huntsmanmarine.ca

Marsh Canada Ltd
Contact: Ernie Marcoux
1801 Hollis Street, Suite 1300
Halifax, NS B3J 3N4
Tel: 902-490-2100
Web: www.marsh.ca

Merck Animal Health
Contact: Kasha Cox
418 Tredwell Drive
Madison MS 39110
Web: www.merck-animal-health.com

Mitchell McConnell Insurance Ltd
Contact: Peter Bourque
660 Rothesay Ave
Saint John, NB
E2H 2H4
Tel: 506-634-7200 Fax: 506-633-1858
Web: www.mitchellmcconnell.com    

Contact: Martin Karlsen
P.O. Box 33122
Halifax, NS

Contact - Kjersti Gravningen, Head of IPR
Web:  www.patogen.com  

Phibro Animal Health Corporation
Contact: Michael Foti, Director
27 Lantern Street, Kitchener, Ontario
N2P 2M6 Tel: 519-653-4151
Web: www.pach.com

Contact: Nils Steine
Harbitzalléen 2A, 0275 Oslo,
P.O.Box 267 Skøyen, N-0213 Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47 90 66 35 75  Fax: +47 23 29 85 01
Web: www.pharmaq.no     

RDI Strategies
Contact: Bev Bacon
106 London Court
Fredericton, NB E3B 6K9
Tel: 506-459-4455    

Research & Productivity Council (RPC)
Contact: Ben Forward
921 College Hill Road
Fredericton, NB E3B 6Z9
Tel: (506) 452-1365
Web: www.rpc.ca    

Sweeney International Marine Corp
Contact: Bob Sweeney- President
46 Milltown Blvd.
St. Stephen, NB
E3L 1G3
Tel: (506) 467-9014
Web: www.simcorp.ca

The Center for Aquaculture Technologies
Contact: Debbie Plouffe
20 Hope Street
Souris PEI C0A 2B0
Website: aquatechcenter.com

Valores Irzc
Contact: Johannes Larsen
232B Ave de l”Eglise
Shippagan, NB
Website: valores.ca



Membership Information

Those who are interested in membership within the Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association should contact the Association at info@atlanticfishfarmers.com

Become a member 

ACFFA membership is open to any company, institution or individual engaged in growing finfish products commercially, producing feed, research or development activities, education, or providing goods or services to the finfish farming sector in Atlantic Canada.

Corporate membership

  • Open to all salmon or alternative species producers and feed companies

  • All corporate members in good standing will have a seat on the board and full voting privileges

  • Fees range based on gross sales and scope of operations

Associate membership

  • A firm, organization or individual engaged in research or development activities or in providing goods or services to the finfish farming sector

  • Up to four associate members are elected to the board annually

  • Fees will range based on the size and scope of the enterprise

Membership benefits:

  • Representation at all levels of government on issues of industry importance

  • Regular information and updates relevant to business

  • Networking opportunities to deepen business relationships and contacts

  • Access to a variety of conferences, workshops, seminars and training opportunities

  • Access to Limekiln Service Center wharf services

  • Opportunities to collaborate on research and innovation projects

  • Access to an industry-specific support system and working groups

  • Company promotion on our website and social media channels

  • Participation in public education and awareness initiatives

If you are interested in joining the ACFFA, please contact us. Interested producers should please contact the ACFFA office to make application.

Limekiln Service Centre

The ACFFA owns and operates a service centre/wharf at Limekiln Bay, located near St. George in the heart of the mainland salmon farming area of southwest New Brunswick.  Built in 1992, the service centre provides a link between land and marine-based activities for the aquaculture sector, as well as for other user groups.  

Users of the service centre include:

  • Farming operations

  • Feed suppliers

  • Smolt suppliers

  • Suppliers of nets and other equipment

  • Provincial and federal government aquaculture, fisheries and environment agencies

  • RCMP and military personnel

  • Commercial fishers and rockweed harvesters

  • Recreational fishers and boaters

  • Community members at large

The service centre plays a key role in aquaculture bay management system and fish health management. The salmon aquaculture industry has invested considerable time addressing fish health management. One of the key concerns identified by the industry is boat traffic through different bay areas containing cage sites. The service centre was designed to meet the handling methodologies of its users and to handle vessels up to 100 feet long. It is one of the few wharves in the area that can accommodate vessels of significant size to ground out for cleaning and repairs. The service centre has two launch ramps that are capable of handling load on/load off vessels carrying trucks/trailers with smolt entry and harvest fish. There is also a newly constructed waste oil disposal facility.