SALMON FARMING EMPLOYS OVER 3,000 PEOPLE IN atlantic canada AND directly contributes over $350 MILLION DOLLARS to the economy yearly

As the salmon farming industry has matured, an increasing number of positions can provide full-time employment.  In fact, since 2004 the percentage of full-time jobs in the industry has grown from 60 per cent to almost 80 per cent.  

We are continuing to build an industry that will keep our young people at home by offering them challenging, full-time work in their own communities.  Individuals under the age of 40 hold over 50 per cent of jobs, and this employment stability means that fewer young people must leave our region in search of work.

While many of the jobs directly related to salmon farming occur in Atlantic Canada’s rural and coastal communities, the success of salmon farming has created employment opportunities throughout the region in feed manufacturing, packaging, transportation, supply and service sectors as well as spin-off jobs in other sectors including retail and tourism.

Our region boasts highly skilled engineers and specialists in the design and retrofit of Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS) for fish hatcheries and specialized containment systems to meet our unique marine environment.  Veterinarians are experts in fish health and aquatic sciences; scientists and innovators are leading in fish feed development, environmental monitoring and innovative farming practices.

These men and women are world-class experts in their fields.  They are also people who have shared working waterfronts with traditional fishermen and tourism operators since the industry began.  Such world-class expertise and industry collaboration are vital assets in a diversified economy as our region attempts to move forward amidst unprecedented financial challenges.

The potential exists for salmon farming to ignite our region’s economy even more!

Industry contacts

If you are interested in a career in aquaculture, you can contact the Human Resource Departments at our producer companies below or check out our membership list on the About Us page for contact information for our other companies.

Cooke Aquaculture: Email:

Northern Harvest: Kristina White: Tel: (506) 755-6192 ext 110 Email:


Training programs

Interested in a career in salmon farming?  Check out some of the educational opportunities available.