Atlantic Canada can reap the benefits from the growing global demand for seafood, and by doing so create even more jobs at home, generate investment and renew the tax base in rural communities.

Over the past forty years, global salmon production has more than doubled due to demand. Today the world’s salmon farmers produce 2.1 million tonnes of salmon annually at a value of $10 billion US.

And tremendous potential exists for even more industry growth

Some facts:

  • By 2030, the world’s population is predicted to increase by another 2 billion

  • The amount of food that will be consumed in the world in the next 50 years will exceed ALL the food eaten in the rest of human history.

  • Global production of seafood is rising rapidly at a pace of seven to nine per cent each year.

  • By 2050, worldwide animal protein consumption will rise nearly 73 per cent.

  • The capture fishery cannot meet the growing global demand. Farmed fish products currently account for more than half of the total fish landed globally

  • Salmon has now surpassed beef in worldwide production.