Who we are

The ACFFA is an industry funded association providing advocacy and resource support services for the salmon aquaculture industry operating in Atlantic Canada. Our strong regional voice on behalf of the sector is recognized at all levels of government and in community engagement.

We advocate strongly for a responsible, effective regulatory framework that recognizes salmon aquaculture as fish farmers. We are proud of, and actively sponsor, the industry’s corporate social responsibility that can be witnessed in programs that address everything from wild salmon conservation and coastal cleanups to local humanity and youth activities.  

Every year, ACFFA organizes Atlantic Canada's premier aquaculture research conference that brings together industry professionals to learn about the latest trends, opportunities, innovations and research in our sector. Our fall forum is a vital tool that helps ensure our industry continues to evolve and grow.

The associations’ 80 members include farmers, feed producers, and an extensive list of companies, organizations providing support services, and agencies regulating the industry, as well as other marine users. 

Operating a private marine tidal wharf facility to service our members, the ACFFA Limekiln Wharf Service Centre provides year-round priority admission to salmon farmers who pay for access through annual fees determined on a case by case basis. 

The ACFFA, formerly known as the New Brunswick Salmon Growers’ Association (NBSGA), has represented salmon farmers since 1987.

Our vision

Atlantic Canada’s finfish aquaculture industry will continue to be an innovative, competitive economic sector that is globally recognized for sustainable finfish production.

Our mission

To provide value to our members by continuing to be a strong, regional voice on behalf of the industry and by taking a leadership role in the development and implementation of strategies that maximize growth potential, advance fish health and welfare, encourage innovation, research and environmental stewardship while increasing socio-economic benefits within our communities.

Association goals

  • Build effective structures and relationships that support the sustainable growth of the Atlantic Canadian finfish aquaculture industry

  • Maintain our position as a world leader in fish health initiatives that support the production of safe, high-quality farmed finfish

  • Support scientific research and technological development that is industry-driven and ensures the ongoing sustainability of an innovative Atlantic Canadian finfish aquaculture industry

  • Increase the positive awareness of Atlantic Canada’s finfish farming industry

  • Provide value to our members as a strong representative organization managed effectively and efficiently